Find the Joker

joker 7

Rules for “Find the Joker”

  • - €5 per ticket.
  • - Strictly over 18s only.
  • - Entry into each draw is made by purchasing a ticket.
  • - Tickets are entered into the fortnightly draw.
  • - On the night of the draw, one ticket is drawn.
  • - The winner of the draw is given the chance to “Play for the Jackpot” i.e. select one of the cards on the board to find the joker.
  • - At the 1st draw there will be 53 cards to choose from and the 2nd draw,  52 and so on until the Joker is found and the jackpot is won. After which, a new 53 cards are put back on the board and the draw cycle starts again.
  • - In the event of non-attendance of the ticket winner at the draw they will be contacted by phone on the night and asked for their card choice to find the Joker. If no immediate contact can be made, a club representative will proceed to select a card on the winner’s behalf.
  • - Minimum jackpot is €500 (1st Draw). The jackpot will rollover if it is not won and the jackpot will increase each fortnight. This amount will be advertised in advance.
  • - Additional prizes may be added to the draw, periodically, at the discretion of the committee.
  • - All draws will be completed on dates and at venues chosen by the committee.
  • - The decision of the fundraising committee on all matters relating to “Find the Joker” will be final.

The books of tickets are generic, tickets can be sold for any draw but each ticket can only be entered into one unique draw. At the end of each draw, the used tickets are destroyed. Ticket stubs and money can be handed into; 1) Supervalu, in an envelope marked for the attention of Chris Downey. 2) Posted, within an envelope, into the Golf Club Green Fees box. 3) Handed to the member of the fundraising committee who supplied the tickets.  There will be a member of the fundraising committee at each draw to collect any late entry stubs and money and to sell last minute tickets.