Find The Joker Fundraiser

The 21st of April will bring about the 3rd Joker Draw and the Club would like to acknowledge the effort and financial assistance from everyone who has supported the project to date. The concept originated from a successful fundraiser in Allihies and the idea to emulate it was subsequently championed by the President and the Captain of the Club. A fundraising committee was formed and the logistics were thrashed out. It is quite a straightforward concept but it takes a significant amount of organisation. So far the project has been very successful although at the next draw there will be some extra prizes on offer to try and create more of an atmosphere.

As of the beginning of April, the club had received 58 membership payments, made up of both individuals and families. It is expected to build on that number in the near future but clearly this is not a figure that will keep the Club in a sustainable position without additional income from elsewhere. The caravan park is an extremely valuable source of income but has been neglected in recent years. Planning is under way to make the necessary investment so that revenue can be increased from this gem of a resource. To be certain though, as things stand, the Club cannot survive on membership receipts, green fees, and caravan park income alone and it cannot continue to expect local businesses to subsidise members´golf.

Now that the Joker is up and running there is an opportunity to maintain an ongoing extra source of income to help make up for the shortfall that the Club experiences every year.  There are all types of members at the Club, those that are involved in the day to day running of affairs all the way to the overseas members who visit just for the summer. All members are valued highly and any time or financial input is treasured. It would be ideal if each member could be responsible for the sale of two tickets at each draw but it is understandable that this is not always possible and that some members may just not want to do it. If at all possible, please find your way to support the Joker and build on the initial success.

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